June 21, 2022

5 Best Cycles Under 7000 in India (August 2022)

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5 Best cycles under 7000 in India (August 2022) | Best Selling Cycles On Amazon

5 Best cycles under 7000 in India (August 2022)

A cycle is the best alternative to walking; it will keep you healthy and save fuel. More importantly, it is environmentally friendly. So below are the 5 best cycles under 7000 in India to buy for you.

It is hard to stay healthy and fit with a fast-paced life and busy schedule. It isn’t easy to take care of our bodies, and the health of our bodies starts to decline when we don’t have enough time for breathing and stretching.

Cycling is considered to be the best way to exercise and keep fit. Cycling is more than a way to keep fit and healthy, it also helps us avoid serious diseases such as stroke, arthritis, mental illness, and cancer.

It’s a good idea to invest in a cycle to get started with cycling. Find out more about the 5 best cycles under 7000 These cycles have the most up-to-date specifications.

This list contains the best cycles under 7000 to buy in India:

1. Leader Scout MTB 26T Mountain Bike

Best Cycles Under 7000 in India

The Leader Scout 26T Mountain Bike is single-speed and has no gears, specifically designed for men. It is constructed with Hi-tensile steel and features a soft rubber grip that ensures a comfortable ride. The cycle also comes with a height-adjustable PU saddle with reinforced plastic shells, providing a comfortable sitting position to suit different heights.

The braking system is also designed to be easy to use on various terrains. The chain guard protects all moving parts and reduces the risk of entanglement. Some of its advantages and disadvantages are as follows:


  • Affordable and light
  • Super-strong steel frame
  • Handlebar with high grip
  • Comfortable and soft saddle


  • You can improve the quality of your tires
  • Improper alignment of the wheels

2. HERO Kyoto 26T Single Speed

5 Best cycles under 7000 in India

Hero Kyoto 26T is constructed with high-quality solidity to ensure smooth riding. For a long-term ride, an 18-inch steel frame is available. Dual brakes provide strong control for the driver. To ensure safety and reliability, dual brakes are used.

You can adjust the seat to suit individual preferences. To protect the tires from dirt, a mudguard is installed. The bike is equipped with anti-skip pedals, allowing a firm grip on the pedals. The bike will come with 85 percent of its components.

An accessory stand is included with the bike, and the bike does not include an additional wheel or carrier. The Mountain bike comes with reflectors, and this bicycle does not have a cover for the bell, lock, chain, or locks. The brake works with a linear pull and includes a rigid suspension. Some of its advantages and disadvantages are as follows:


  • Dual V brakes
  • Anti-Skip pedals
  • The comfortable and supportive seat


  • A tight chain is a tightly connected cycle.
  • The Mudguard is not part of the package.

3. Geekay Hashtag Mountain Bicycle

Geekay Hashtag Mountain Bicycle under 7000 in India

Geekay’s Hashtag Mountain Bike is 4 stars-rated and sleek. Aerodynamically designed frames reduce air friction during riding. The lightweight high-tensile rim is included with the cycle for unbeatable road performance. Find out more about 5 Best cycles under 7000 in India.

We are also impressed by the double-wall, anti-rust coated alloy rims. The dual disc brakes provide stable and fast braking when out. It also adjusts the saddle to fit the rider’s height and releases it quickly. Some of its advantages and disadvantages are as follows:


  • Rated 4-star
  • Soft wide seat; Full finger soft-grip handle
  • High-quality, high-quality plastic pedal
  • Fork with rigid construction for heavy-duty use


  • The brake quality could have been improved

4. Lifelong LLBC2601 Escape 26T Cycle

Lifelong LLBC2601 Escape 26T Cycle

This fantastic Escape 26T Cycle from Lifelong is made for adults who want to ride in style. It is a hustle-free, single-speed bike perfect for city areas. Have excellent cycling in the morning and stay fit. 26 inches tires will offer decent traction to the ground. Some of its advantages and disadvantages are as follows:


  • High-quality and genuine components eliminate additional expenses on service and repair. 
  • Fresh and sporty look to ride with style. 
  • Lightweight and strong Steel rims that offer a premium and stylish look. 
  • Soft rubber grips on the handlebar, impact eradicating features, and padded paddles. 


  • Single-speed bicycle.
  • 26-inch wheels, which are pretty big for people of small height. 
  • Less number of color options are available to choose from. 
  • When compared to other brands, the price is exorbitant.

5. Leader Fusion MTB 26T

Leader Fusion MTB 26T

For those who are looking for MTB at an affordable price, then this bicycle is for them. This MTB cycle is one of the 5 best cycles under 7000 that you can buy. You can efficiently perform off-roading on this bike, and it is equipped with a T-type handlebar for more comfort while riding. Here are some of its upsides and downsides:


  • It comes with a front suspension for shock absorption. 
  • It is equipped with a comprehensive three for more grip and styling. 
  • The bicycle Comes with a bottle stand and other accessories like reflectors and stands. 
  • Adjustable seat and handle for more comfort. 


  • It also comes with single-speed compatibility. 
  • The Tire size is relatively small so a prominent person will feel uncomfortable. 
  • No disc braking included.

Regular cycling is good for your health:

  • Increase your self-confidence.
  • Increased muscle strength and flexibility
  • Keep your positive attitude.
  • Reduce body fat and stress levels
  • It helps to increase height growth.
  • Pollution-free ride.
  • You can save money.

5 Best cycles under 7000 in India – Buyer’s guide

Many options are available, and each user will have their own needs. Everyone has different needs, doesn’t he? To help you select the Best affordable cycles to buy for you, it is crucial to consider the following factors. So these were 5 best cycles under 7000 to buy in India


If you spend a lot, you can get better bikes. Budget-friendly models include more powerful saddles, stronger brakes, better tires, and a more petite frame. Choose the price range at which you will purchase the bicycle. Your choice will allow you to eliminate many options and narrow your choices to a few. That’s why we have chosen the 5 Best cycles under 7000 in India for you.


When buying a bike, you should consider the dimensions of the frame. Consider the rider’s height when choosing the size of the frame.

You can search online for the exact frame you want and choose the one that suits you best. The chance of getting hurt is much lower if the frame size is correct. There are three types of frames.

Steel Frames:

Steel frames are stronger and more durable than other types of frames and are also very heavy. They are also affordable.

Aluminum frames:

They offer a variety of unique characteristics. They are lighter and don’t rust easily; aluminum frames are more expensive than steel frames.

Carbon Frame:

Carbon frames are lighter and more rigid than aluminum frames, which can resist corrosion and last a long time, and it has many advantages that make them more durable than frames made from Aluminium or steel. Find out more about the 5 best cycles under 7000 to buy.


A bicycle’s suspension is an essential component. The suspension absorbs the shocks caused by bumps, so your body doesn’t have to. You can keep your bike under control with the help of suspensions.

They allow the bike to move along the road instead of bumpy riding. To keep your rear on the ground, the suspension is useful. It means that the pedaling force you apply to the pedals will move you forward.

Front suspension bikes offer more comfort for riders. If a bike has suspension, it means that it is equipped with shocks of at least one. This suspension is used for both Mountain and Hybrid Bikes. This section will explain the differences between different bikes.

Disk Brakes:

A disk brake can be described as a powerful device with much-stopping power. You can push brakes with less force if you are a rider. It can disperse heat, and it is helpful in adverse weather conditions.

Most vehicles have disc brakes on all wheels. The simplest and easiest to maintain disc brake is the one that uses the least hardware, and it is strong and can adjust itself to decrease friction. When you purchase an item, make sure it has disc brakes.

Which is the better cycle?

Geared bikes are better for long distances than single-speed bikes. Geared bikes require more maintenance than those without gears, and a gear cycle allows you to ride faster and accelerate more efficiently.

Is it worth buying a cycle?

Geared bikes are better for long distances than single-speed bikes. Geared bikes require more maintenance than those without gears, and a gear cycle allows you to ride faster and accelerate more efficiently.

Conclusion – 5 best cycles under 7000

Cycling is one of the most excellent cardio workouts to help you stay fit. We are sure that you will find the perfect bike for you with the wide range of options available to choose from. You only need to choose the type of road you want to travel on and the level of comfort and ease you desire.

Once you’ve decided, you can choose the bike that suits you best. This is the lowest price range for a bicycle with two wheels. If you are looking for the 5 best cycles under 7000rely on any of them.

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